Our story

Our Story

Imagine receiving a phone call informing you that one of your workers has died, alone, on their shift. It’s a real concern for employers and families of lone workers everywhere.

In 2018, whilst running a security guarding company,  I received the dreaded 7am phone call from a client offering their condolences that one of my security guards had died on site overnight, and requesting my presence at their investigation.

As I had procedures in place to check on the guards, I couldn’t fathom how we had missed this.  I was heartbroken.

There were 4 guards working in different locations on that site, so I began trying to make contact with each of them.  As it was first thing in the morning and they had worked overnight shifts, they were all fast asleep so it took some time to reach the first 3.  And by a process of elimination, I now knew who didn’t make it home that day.

I called their next of kin to offer condolences and see how I could help, and to my surprise, the guard answered the phone.  All 4 of the guards were safe and well.  So I called the client to let them know, to which they responded “oh yes, it wasn’t one of your guys.  It was a site next door and had nothing to do with us”.

In this instance, I was lucky, but I was really affected by this incident, and the possibility of one of my guards actually dying or getting injured while on a site, so I started to look for a way to prevent a tragedy like this from happening again.

At first I would drive between sites, personally checking on the guards well being, but this was not practical and it wouldn’t prevent lone worker incidents occurring between site visits.

Seeking a more reliable and efficient option, I looked to technology, but could not find anything that was user-friendly or cost-effective, so I decided to create the app myself that offered a much-needed solution to an issue affecting not only security guards but any lone workers across all industries. 

Through hard work, pushing boundaries and listening to what lone workers and employers needed,  TeLoRa was created. 

And that brings us to today, where you have access to our technology to potentially save the lives of one of your workers, especially if they need emergency assistance and are not able to ask for it.

Jonti Sarak – Founder

Jonti Sarak

Ilan Godin


Steven Sarak

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