TeLoRa & Your Business

What can Telora do for your business?


Under state law, businesses have a legal obligation to manage the risks associated with remote workers.

Is there anyone in your business that works alone? Are you meeting your lone worker obligations?

If that person that works alone has an accident, injures themselves, or has a medical episode and is not able to physically ask for help, how will you ever know that something has happened to them?

Telora checks on your workers so you don’t have to.

Through reoccurring automated check-in’s on your workers phone, Telora is able to identify if they may need emergency assistance, even if something has happened to them and they are not able to ask for it.

TeLoRa offers protection through communication, ensuring that workers and managers stay connected.

Fulfilling important Work Health & Safety regulations, the users you are monitoring will be connected through the user app to TeLoRa’s business features, meaning they have access to help whenever and wherever they need it. This important protection ensures workers contracted to you have the support they need to be kept safe.

Who are lone workers

Lone workers aren’t necessarily people working far away in the middle of nowhere.  

They are, as the word describes, anyone that works by themselves, even if for only part of their day.

They could be security guards, retail workers (alone in a store), service technicians (alone on a job), real estate agents (alone showing a property).  Tradies, domestic workers, building managers, medical practitioners, home care providers, delivery drivers, sales reps and the list goes on and on.

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